Motorcycle Rental Philippines website was developed to provide information and help for people wishing to hire a Motorcycle whilst visiting or living in The Philippines.

Motorcycles seen in our website header image from left to right are Honda xrm –  Under bone style scooter, available  with and more commonly without a clutch. Most other model underbones  including Rusi etc are based off this model. Yamaha Mio – Automatic gearbox scooter. Honda XR 200 – Most popular dual sport motorcycle available everywhere in the Philippines. Kawasaki Rouser  200 –  Most road motorcycles available in the Philippines are clones of the Rouser.

Disclaimer: We do not and cannot guarantee that the information provided anywhere on this website to be accurate or lawful. Therefore use of this website is for general use only and is not legally binding.

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  1. Hi, nice website, with useful info!
    Can you help me find a rental dual sport motorcycle in
    Tuguegarao? I’m travelling there in Nov 2013 from Canada. Thanks,

    • Hello Jon,
      Kumusta? (how are you?). I will get the girlfriend to talk to her contacts and see what we can come up with. The alternative is to hire from one of the rental shops in Manila / NCR and ride it from there. Stay tuned and Good Luck!

  2. Mabuti, salamat po. We will be there soon, hope to hit those luzon trails if I can get a bike for a week from tuguegarao. Thanks for the advice…

  3. TECH-X MANILA is a dirt bike rental for begginers and experts. Our bikes are easy to use and weight only 65 Kg, low sitting position and both brakes are at hand lever.
    For details check out FB TECH-X MANILA
    OR TEXT 0917-8251019

  4. If you want to rent a motorcycle in Bohol or Cebu, I can warmly recommend http://www.islandrentals.ph, that I have used a couple of times.

    They are slightly more expensive than most motorcycle rental businesses, but to my experience their bikes are worth the extra pesos.
    Well maintained and therefore much safer – no trouble with light, brakes, illegal reg. papers as I have experienced at other rental outlets in PH. The owner Mike is extremely helpful.

    I noticed that lately they also added bigger bikes to their program. Models that you don´t usually find for rent in the Philippines – like Kawasaki Ninja

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