1. Fruella Malijan

    I was wondering if you know someone who’s willing to be hired as a delivery person for a day (within metro manila). If you know anyone, please do let me know. Thanks!

  2. Motorcycle type: XR200 cc, Dual Sport, Excellent Condition
    Customized for Adventure Riding
    Location: Baguio City
    Email: [email protected]
    Requirements to rent: Valid Passport (to be deposited) and Motorcycle Driver’s License
    Thank you, Motorcycle Rental Philippines


  3. Carol

    I’m looking to rent a motorbike for the weekend of the 25th of may, 2 days…does anyone know where I can rent one? Metro Manila please. Thanks.

  4. Divine Gift

    Hi. I’m from Greenwoods Dasma Cavite. I’m looking for a Honda 125cc which i can rent this coming Wenesday. How much? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you!

  5. I am at Cebu City Philippines. I need to rent any kind of motor for my tour in Cebu. Where can i find a motor cycle for rent here? what are the requirements for a foreigner? how much is your rate per day? How about your terms of payments? Are you going to deliver it to where im staying or not?


    • admin

      All theses questions have been answered already. Take some time to look around the pages and comments. Thank you.

      • Joshua Ramos Aslarona

        Hi! I’m looking to rent a motorbike this coming February 17. 2days…does anyone know we’re i can rent?

        Kawasaki 400/650 thanks

    • arth

      Hi friend as from my experience. i found an online motorbike booking website which show all the available motorbikes available in the Philippines. it is free to book online. you can see the price location and contact of the owner. the site (withheld by admin) hope you get some help there.

  6. Roy Anderson

    We have high quality, expertly maintained scooters for rent in Olongapo and the SBMA and soon in Angeles.

    • admin

      In order for me to post your website link you should tell us more about your business, what you offer etc. Thank you.

    • David

      I’m looking to rent a motorcycle on February 12th, or 13th 2018 for a day. A scooter may have to do. Olongapo or immediate area.

      Way more difficult than expected.

  7. Philip

    Im looking to rent a Harley Davidson or a Ninja 650 for a few months.
    Please contact me on my Smart Phone 998 950 0000 if you have anything available.
    Thank you very much.

  8. bheng pestano

    is there a mio for rent. To be used within metro manila while processing personal documents maybe for two weeks. You may contact me at 0925-8031964. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Eric

    Please let me know if you can help! 😉
    We are arriving very soon in Baguio and would like to rent 2 motorbikes/scooters. If not Baguio somewhere nearby up north.

    1. Type of Motorcycle example dual sport, Brand, CC (cubic capacity)
    Any kind, automatic bike/scooter or semi automatic

    2. Your Name (first name will do)

    3. Your location in the Philippines, City, Island, Provence etc

    5. Availability, Specific Date or Anytime
    In 2 days time for a week to 10 days max.

    7. Condition of motorcycle, excellent, good, average, fair
    any kind

  10. bruno bagmati

    Where can i find a big motorbike for rent within metro manila or calabarzon area. I urgently needed this before feb 5. Thank you.

  11. I AM looking to rent a bike while I am here I own a katana 750 in the usa and a honda CBR in thaILAND . can you email to discuss renting a bike in manila today

    thanks steve

  12. We are looking for 110cc-150cc scooter-styled bikes with clutchless or automatic transmissions to rent in 1. Carigara (approx. 1 week), 2. Las Pinas (couple of days), 3. Batangas (2-3 days), 4. Cebu (1-2 weeks for entire island), and 5. Dumaguete (3-4 weeks). Will need two bikes, helmets, and both need to be able to accommodate lashing a carry-on sized suitcase somewhere on the bike.


    – Dean

  13. Oops, sorry, forgot the dates:
    1. Las Pinas & Batangas – week of May 20-26, 2015
    2. Carigara – week of May 27 to June 4 (approx.)
    3. Cebu – June 5 until ?? (approx.)
    4. Dumaguete – mid June until mid July (approx.)

    – Dean

  14. Bench De los Santos

    I would like to know if i could hire a rider just for a day? How much does it cost then.. pls let me know. Just around here in MAnila

  15. Bench De los Santos

    Hi I would like to know if i could rent a bike in a day with driver. I will just be a back ride?
    If you have a female rider, it is much better. Thanks much How much does it cost?

  16. Del

    I am interested in renting any new or near new sport motorcycle with more than 400cc. For example Honda CBR or Kawasaki Versys, etc
    I am on assignment and located in Batangas City, Sta Rita Karsada and would like to have it delivered to me here, if possible.
    I would like to rent it from 27 June 2015 until 11 July 2015 at a minimum. If a better day rate can be obtained by a longer rental period, I am happy to review the details.
    Info only: I am a US citizen, white, 60 years old, 5′-9″, 1 85 pounds. I have ridden and raced cars and motorcycles as a younger man for many years. Now I would like to tour south Batangas area. 🙂

  17. Mutkovic Peter

    Looking for a rent of a scooter, or small motorcycle 125 cc or similar, manual or automatic from September 6th to September 21st 2015, arrival airport Manila 6th at 10am.
    Perfect would be at the airport at 11 am, but could be also in Lipa City, Ibaan or Batangas (will spend my time in Ibaan most.
    Please let me know the price and place of pickup.
    Thanks a lot

  18. Olaya


    We’re looking to rent a motorbike with around 125cc. starting from 12.05.16 and for 3 days to move around the mountain area. Please, contact us at ….(address withheld).
    Thanks in advanced

  19. jerome deligero

    I’m looking for ninja Kawasaki 400cc green. I’m jerome deligero from blk69 lot 15 phase 2 paliparan site dasmarinas cavite. I need unit in June 13-14

  20. Peter

    we have a Kawasaki vulcan 900 custom for rent in Balamban Cebu.
    We deliver the bike island wide.
    prices start at 3,500.00 a day
    longer rentals get a discount
    contact Peter at spahnpeter at yahoo dot de
    Bike is in excellent condition

  21. Graham Baker

    Hi, I’m in Las Pinas for 2 weeks as of the 14th and was looking to hirea bike, needs to be bigger than 400cc due to restrictions on motorways, please let me know what’s out there?

  22. Sarah meeks

    I would like to rent a motorbike 200cc-600cc from 2-6th Jan 2017 we are staying in mactan Cebu and dates are flexible 2-4 day hire. I have a full uk motorbike licence thanks

  23. Ken

    Good day! I’m looking for a 150-400cc motorcycle for rent that is available next week for 3 day ride to mountain province. Thank you

  24. Alex

    Hello sir,

    I’m looking for a 150-400cc motorcycle for rent that is available on 13th Apr in Mabini or Bauan, Batangas & on 16th Apr in Puerto Gelera.

    Please whatsapp or call me at +852 93041294. Thanks.

  25. Edille Hubert B. Munion

    LF: 2 Motorbike (Harley Davidson) display for rent for father’s day event.
    Where: Robinsons Forum & Robinsons Galleria
    When: June 16-18, 2017 (Robinsons Forum) & June 13-18, 2017 (Robinsons Galleria)
    Pls. Call or text: Guts Munion – 09062358464

  26. Marisa

    Hello, i like to rent a dual sport motorcycle in good condition with at least 200 cc in Baguio estimate from 7 to 16 of january 2019

    • Angelo A. Calibuso

      I’m looking to rent motorcycle 125cc would like it for 5 days i leave in quezon city.Phone number 09062509988.Motorcycle must be in good condition.
      My riding experience in motorcycle is 8 years.

  27. Marisa

    Hello, i like to rent a dual sport motorcycle with at least 125cc in puerto galera from estimate 28th december to 5th january

  28. Dean

    I’m looking to rent a 400 or bigger motorcycle, with bags would be better. Would like it for a week. I live in Makati at the moment. Phone number is 917 684 1955. Motorcycle must be in excellent condition. My experience is 48 years riding, I have been to most states and province in the US and Canada on my present bike which has 177,000 km on it. I have ridden a total of about 300,000 km’s. No I’m not loaded with money as I am trying to support 2 of us on half of one pension. Was hoping to spend winters here but shocked at how expensive thing are so it may not work out. But would like to travel around while I am here until April at least. It’s hard traveling here without a vehicle, especially when I have always done the driving or riding myself.

  29. Melvin bernardo

    I want to rent motorcycle near calamba laguna,, can u recommend me a motor? Just 1week,,please help me I badly need it for a cause,,

  30. Frits

    Im looking to rent a motor(small cc is okay) or car in the area of bauan/batangas city, from march 7 till march 12.
    Is there any available? And what will be the prices?

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