1. Hugo Walgraeve

    Where i can rent a scooter near Hermosa, Bataan ?
    i can’t find it on internet…
    Thanks a lot !

  2. David Lagger

    Hi – I want to start a sale and lease motorcycle business in Cavite. Do you have any suggestions on the types of cycles which would be appropriate to start, the business requirements to accommodate governmental requirements, etc. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Please send to my email address.


    • admin

      Scooters and dual sports is where to start. A business registration is required visit the PBR (Philippines Business Registration) for more information.
      What i would do is start small. Do not bother with a showroom instead approach local hotels and tour operators and provide them some information, brochures, price lists etc about what you have for rent. As an incentive to display or let their customers / guests know about your motorcycles for rent, you may be able to organize a commission or have them become your agent.
      Let us Know how you get on and send us your details when your up and running and we will add your business details to our website. Good Luck.

  3. hi!
    thks for providing some information here about hiring a motorcycle…. but is there a possibility to hire a bike near the international airport in manila… all of the listed rental shops are outside manila.
    i am driving a bmw R1100R here in austria and i would like to rent a bike (enduro) start from 30hp for a 3 days journey to mungalingo national park close to general tinio… i wouldnt go to angeles city by taxi or bus to rent a bike… is there any shop in the city?
    many thks and kind regards.

    ps: i will arrive on 6th of february in the afternoon and will leave to ozamis on 8th or 9th….

    • admin

      Hello, it’s hard to find bikes for hire, harder than you realize. In my opinion i would hire outside and away from the busy Manila area, although i know you want to set off from the port but Try Quezon City, (around 300 peso’s in a taxi) they have a long street full of motorcycle shops, mainly parts and bikes for sale. Ask around the shops and you might get lucky…

      Lets put the call out. Does anyone know of any enduro moto’s for hire near the Nino Aquino International airport?

      • Jon

        Yes you can find big bikes to rent in manila city on [link removed by moderator] it is good idea to rent a motorbike in manila since taxi cost so much.

        but if you do not know about the direction then it is hard. but you can use your phone gps. it works good in manila

        • admin

          Please don’t spam my website…I won’t be telling you again..If you would like to write about your business or offer advice and post an article then use the contact page thank you.

          • Carl

            I don’t think it’s spam when you ask for the information and someone provides a link. How is that spam????

          • admin

            It’s spam when the same person is answering their own question with a particular link and they do it over and over again.


            i am a Harley Davidson rider, where can i rent a Harley and what is the price for one month?

  4. Hi all,
    I have a similar request to Andreas, Ill be arriving in Manila on the 18th of march and then traveling to Tagaytay for a wedding that day.
    I then have 3 days then to travel around with a friend an we would like to do that on bikes. (We both have over 20 years experience in riding.)
    A Kawaski Rouser 200 or Honda XR200 would be fine for the trip, but im finding it very hard to find anyone South of the airport that hire bikes.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • admin

      This is the reason i made this website, it’s so damn hard to find bikes for hire in the Philippines (i’m Australian currently living here). Unfortunately i am in the Western Visayas so i can’t help you personally….
      Plenty of locals will read this and may be able to suggest a few places. If you do not want to travel away from the main city / airport to the hire shops to the North as listed i suggest you ask a taxi driver if they know of any, but please be aware that a taxi driver in Manila may lead you ‘up the garden path’ and take you on a little trip all around the city without finding anything…all for that extra fare money. Same with the people / concierges at the airport, when a foreigner asks questions dollars signs appear. Not all people in the Philippines are like that but as a foreigner myself i have been there done that so i am more careful now. Good luck on your trip.
      Rob – admin

  5. Thanks Rob.
    Im from OZ too, but working in Dubai. I also work with 7 staff from the Philippines as well and even they had a hard time finding a place. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But after some digging the 2 best places i have found are:
    Parmotorrad for a tour using BMW’s and Mabuhaybikes for actual bike rental.
    Matthias at Mabuhaybikes has managed to get 2 bikes for me just up from the airport.
    Really looking forward to my trip now.
    Thanks for the weblinks and help.
    Matt. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello Enrico,

        You can find all our rent destinations (Alaminos City, Manila and Dumaguete City (Negros Oriental, which covers Cebu and Bohol as well) on our website mabuhay bikes.

        Looking forward to hear from you so that we can find the right bike for your journey.

        Phone: 00639295237663
        Skype: MabuhayBikes
        Mail: info @ mabuhaybikes com

        • admin

          Hello Matthias..So if Enrico mentions that he heard of you from visiting this site (motorcyclerentalphilippines.com) when he calls are you prepared to offer a discount or any free extras?
          Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚ Rob – admin

  6. I am interested in renting a motorbike or scooter from Manila airport, and in the Cavite area, i would be also interested in this business..
    i also need from the 19th March and will be riding through Dasmarinas then to Batangas.
    I am also looking at purchasing my own bike as an alternative, but would you beleive just as hard trying to buy a new bike online…

  7. Hi Rob,
    The Wedding and bike tour is all finished now. It was great fun but also very exhausting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mabuhaybikes provided us with a Suzuki DR600 and a Virago 400 cruiser for our trip from the Makati office.
    Both bikes performed really well and we traveled from Makati to Tagaytay for the wedding and reception on the first day with no problems, apart from the traffic in Manila and not sleeping for 41 hours. LOL
    The next day we then headed further down through the mountains to Lemery and onto the Portulano Diving resort in Balayan Bay. 2 days of rest, beer and diving.
    The final trip was back up through Lenery to Tagaytay, out to the peoples park, down some back roads & out to the SLEX.
    We dropped the bikes off in Makati and then cooled off at the Cafee Cuba with all the Rugby 10s guys.
    Looking forward to doing this again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • admin

      Fantastic man, glad you enjoyed it and everything seems to have gone smoothly except for the traffic getting out of the big smoke which was expected anyway.

    • Hello Metthew,

      We are happy that you had a good time with our bikes from our branch in Manila.

      Looking forward to serve you by your next ride in the Philippines.

      Kind regards


    • Allan Montifar

      do you have any naked bikes… i am currently running a scooter and wants to drive a naked bike (with gear and clutch).. does your service allow such

  8. “2MJ Motor Bike Rental”
    Stall #72 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City 2009
    Telephone: +63 (091) 847 777 48
    Motorcycle | Car | Scooter Rentals & Van Tours

    *Renting From Us โ€” Itโ€™s As Easy As 1, 2, 3*
    โ€œAll of our customers are served with seamless, safe and efficient rental and transportation solutions during their travels to the Philippines. That is my personal Guarantee!โ€ -Jay Perez โ€“ โ€œ2MJโ€ Owner | Founder

  9. Shashank Sharma


    I am looking for a decent 200 CC bike for rent in Manila for a day. Can you suggest some reliable shop /owner. I am a foreigner and I work in Manila.

  10. Don from USA

    Hi it’s Don from USA I’ve read the whole of the motorcycle forum posts and still I’m looking to rent a basic moto in Manila for a week or two.
    I just came from Sairgao and Cebu where I rent often, but here in Manila, I have to go to Angeles to get one and drive it back, which would seem easy but takes a full day/night when you include traffic, McArthur hwy, panga boat transfer. Edsa, Etc.
    So thought I would check around here first, thanks. And no disrespect to Mabuhay cycles, but I don’t want to spend more then 450-500p a day.
    Footnote: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Indonesia. Newer auto and semi auto Japanesse bikes 100-150 cc can be had for a mere $5 (250p) everywhere, but not in Philippines unless your in the formentioned areas, and probably Palawan though I’ve never been there to know first hand. Anyway, thanks to this great forum, still no Manila based rentals here, but please if I missed something or you have any suggestions? I’m not much into negotiating with a local, though I’ve done it in Samal and Camiguin.
    Can you all smell a business opportunity? I’m down for partners in Manila to start. If only to rent to foreigners like those in this forum. The traffic is so bad in Manila, I need to get a habel habel moto guy just to get around town now and to the airport. also more potential customers, if we had some old bikes for them too.

  11. Jean Schmidt

    Be careful with the first listening in the list: Nice-bikes.

    Not so nice the boss/owner there. Very unprofessional. I’ve asked for some discount. They didn’t agree. I Came back later and wanted to rent for the first price. Then they wanted 20% more. :-(. And total ignored me. A very unfrindly attitude. Even the pimps in the red light buisness next doors are much nicer. Is this like western men do business in the Philippines?!

  12. Booh Silloco

    Motorcycle Rental Quezon City, Metro Manila
    Daily-12hrs, Weekly, Monthly

    Honda XR150cc P600/day P3,500/wk P12,000/mon
    KymcoSuper8 125cc P500/day P2,800/wk P9,000/mon
    Honda Wave 110cc P500/day P2,800/wk P9,000/mon

    Conditions of Rental:
    1) Refundable cash deposit of P3,000 plus
    rental charge upon pick-up.
    2) Rental form must be filled up completely.
    3) If motorcycle is crashed, you have to pay
    for the full repair or replacement of the whole unit.
    4) Present your valid drivers license & valid passport which will be held by us until the motorcycle is returned to us in good condition. Your passport and P3,000 deposit will be returned to you after inspection of the unit.

    If interested, please call 0917-5290744, (63)2-7101216, (63)2-9276075
    Look for Booh Silloco or Mimi Montera

    • Our refundable deposit has been adjusted to PHP 5,000 now, since it has come to our attention that the PHP 3,000 sometimes is not enough anymore to cover expenses of repairs due to drop or crash due to high cost of repair. If more than PHP 5,000 is the cost of the damage, you have to pay besides the PHP 5,000 security deposit the extra cost to fix the bike into it’s original state upon pick-up.

  13. Aimee Aguirre

    Wish to rent a Motorcycle where they can pickup my friend from NAIA Terminal 3 to Sampaloc Manila. She would prefer to ride a bike instead of taxi to catch a bus ride. Any suggestions?

  14. Jessica Susanto


    Can you help to give suggestion for monthly rent the motorcycle / scooter for commute makati – taguig.

    Thank you

  15. Matt Nowak


    Landing in Manila on the 14th Jan 2017, looking to rent two bikes. One around the 250 cc size and another a bit more spacious as it will have a passenger.

    We are planning to go to Angeles City to rent from a shop we were recommended but are having trouble with reserving

    We want to rent for 10 days

    Please contact via email

    • admin

      G’day Kevin,
      I’m back in Australia right now so i am out of the loop a bit. What location do you need it at?

    • Arth

      Where would you like to rent. I would recommend search on [link removed] you might get Lucy some one is renting out their bikes.

      • admin

        Please do not spam this website. The place you are linking to has already been mentioned. If you continue to add more and more comments using different names and mentioning that website i will remove it all together.
        I already asked you to send me the contact details etc and i will add it to the listings page. Thank you.

  16. Arth

    I am happy to see all the rental shops names. But they are not updates. I think it’s important if you are renting motorbike and scooter you should know that Philippines now have airbnb for bikes. The name of website is [link removed by admin]. On this website you can rent scooter or motorbike for local people. As well all the motorbike shops are listed as well.

    If you are going to rent manila, cebu or any other location I would recommend search on that site. Compare prices before renting bike.

    Always check the registration of the bike before renting. Make sure to take picture of the bike. So no one cheat you.

  17. Roberto Silloco

    We are renting motorcycles in Manila.

    We have several bikes available so if you are looking to rent a motorcycle, you can just give us a call at 02-9276075 or 0917-5290744, look for Booh or Mimi.
    Bikes available for daily, weekly, & monthly rental are Honda XR 150cc (manual), Kymco Super 8 125cc & 150cc (automatic), Kymco Agility 125cc (automatic), Honda Beat Fuel Injection 110cc (automatic), GRX 175cc on/off road Bike (manual), Explorer 250cc Adventure Bike (manual).

    Daily Rental starts @ P600
    Weekly Rental starts @ P3,360
    Monthly Rental starts @ P 10,800.
    We require P 3,000 refundable deposit and full payment upon pick-up of the bike.
    Please bring your current passport and drivers license as we require it to rent a bike.
    Thank you and welcome to the Philippines.

  18. Ch. Jayanth

    can i get a bike with 300cc or more for rent.. so that i can go on skyway..
    am staying in manila and i want to go to bagio to see my uncle..
    am a foriegn med student and yes i have philippines driving lisence

  19. Matt

    Hi, I just moved to Manila recently and want to hire an enduro and a big bike some time to explore the outskirts.
    I can’t seem to find a shop in that rents out in Manila and organizes off-road tours.
    Would anyone be able to refer?
    Email me at [email protected]

  20. Roshirl


    I want to rent po 400cc bike for 48 hours only. Kindly update as soon as possible will be getting it tomorrow Sunday. November 19, 2017.

    Thank you

  21. Paul

    I have a Motorcycle Rental website that is on the first page of Google and in the map for the city it is in. Because of personal reasons the owners had to close the business.
    The website and the url is up for sale.
    If you are interested in acquiring this site to add to your business, please contact me and I will give you the information so you can see for yourself.
    The website produces rental reservations daily.

  22. Scoot.com.ph offers scooter and motorcycle rental in Manila, based in Makati, the rental also includes drop-off and pick-up throughout Makati and BGC as well as 2 crash helmets.

    Rental price starts at P599 per day, however discounts are available for longer bookings.

    • admin

      Thanks for letting our readers know about this new hire scooter rental place.
      Hope this website brings them lots of new business also. Cheers!

  23. Rex bernabe

    Hello. Iโ€™d like to rent out a Motorcycle here in Manila. Preferably atleast 400cc above. Kindly contact me asap through email. Thank you.

  24. janus roldan

    Hi good day do u have aerox or nmax for rent on wednesday 5 am to 9 pm…how much and whats the requirements?

  25. yves coindreau


    Do you know where can I rent 3 motorbike in Manila for 20 days during November? I would like from strong motorbike for riding from 125 to 250 cc as big it is better it is.
    Let me know contact, pictures of the motorbike and price if possible,

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