1. Hi there

    Looking for motorcycles and scooters for rent in Cebu and on Cebu Southern Island??

    We run a motorcycle rental firm in Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete – aiming at customers who value safe and premium maintained motorcycles and scooters.

    For long term rentals we deliver and pick up at the airport or pier, hotel or resort.

    We don´t do daily rentals.

    Contact Mike at. 063 917 790 7346


  2. Josephine Silawan

    Silawan Motorcycle…
    I cannot approve this comment because it contains scraped content from your or another website.
    You are welcome to post another comment but please don’t copy from another site.
    Sorry my website my rules.

  3. tomas

    Hi, I write you because we want to send you customers..

    We are the owners of [no linking allowed] (the platform nº1 in internet for motorbike rentals around the world) with more than 62 countries and 500 bases, and we are looking for some new partners in Philippines, and we want to work with you if you are agree.

    We will send you some customers in a exchange of a commission of 15%

    Here I send you the link for your registering, then you can make your modifications, put your prices….
    [not an approved link]

    Please I will apreciate your answer and all your doubts that you have about the intranet etc…

    Waiting for your news to know your opinion

    thank’s a lot!!

  4. Cebu rental motorbike

    looking to rent a scooter motorbike. visit [link not approved]
    best rental service in town . 5 mint response on inquires.

      • Kvjl

        Hi! We just arrived in cebu. We would like to rent a motor for 3 days. But we do not have our passport with us. But we do have our license. Anyone can help us rent a motor w/o passport? We are from gensan

  5. Lovely

    Hi, is there a rent a motorcycle at Lapu-Lapu? We might rent it in 3 days. How much would be the daily cost? Appreciate your assistance.


  6. Philippe

    Looking for renting 2 motorbike, not a scooter bike or crappy semi automatic «motorbike» in cebu, and it’s a pain!
    All are calling motorbike what’s not a real one!
    If someone know where i can find a motorbike in cebu island, please, please, let me know.

  7. Misiona

    Hi sir,

    I have Motorbike for rent, in Cebu City, we also deliver. But we need passport or ID for the renters pls. Allow me. I have page on FB.

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