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The most common types of motorcycles and scooter available to rent in The Philippines.

Types of Motorcycles Available for Hire

The types of motorcycles available to rent or hire in The Philippines varies greatly but the most common and easiest to fix for example emergency repairs even in remote places with parts readily available are listed below. The term ‘big bike’ is a popular phrase for motorcycles with more than 400 cc’s that are usually imported individually by their owners. ‘Big Bikes’ are quite rare in The Philippines with only a handful of  hire shops with bikes greater than 200 cc.

Honda XR 200  – Assembled and in the most part made in the Philippines and re-badged as an XR 200. A reliable dual sport machine used for both on and off road riding. Note: The types of terrain and roads in the Philippines do vary and can change from a sealed road to a dusty or wet ‘goat track’ quite suddenly so the little XR although not very powerful particularly for heavier riders, is still an enjoyable and comfortable ride with the ability to soak up potholes etc. If you plan to venture out of the city areas and see more of the countries back roads then this is the one for you. The equivalent bike by Kawasaki is the KLX 150 which comes in road legal off road or super motard setup which can sometimes be available at hire shops although the XR is the most common.

Rent the Honda xr200 in The Philippines

Honda XR200

Yamaha Mio – Scooter underbone style. Available in 6 bright and trendy colors – red, silver, pink, purple, yellow and black  is powered by a liquid cooled 4 stroke engine with capacity up to 125cc and an automatic gearbox, no clutch. Perfect for city slickers. it features like most scooters a handy carry compartment underneath the seat. A popular choice for learner riders and city dwellers you will see this style of sccoter all around The Philippines. Popular brands of scooter include Rusi, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki. For more information on the Yamaha Mio visit

popular rental scooter in the philippines

Yamaha Mio – scooter